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Crew Management

We placed the great emphasis on teamwork and creating an environment in which our seagoing staff feel valued as a part of the company. We also strives to reflect our values with vision through out the organization for the best providing in services for our valued principals.

ABM and Circle Navigation Crew management we offer the complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence. By making all of our seafarer’s feel part of our company families and by the continuing support in education, competence building, and of course given their career development, training ashore as well as on board in agreement with the principals to achieve their levels of competences.

In order to provide properly qualified seafarer’s, we ensure careful screening and the selection procedures a head of deployment.

We are a part of ship management. We ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency and increased of comport to our principals. At present we provide crewing services to many of vessels from a dedicated pool of seafarer’s.

Our Seamans Pools

We provide professional seafarers and place them on a various vessels.


As the crew manager we undertake the full scope of management operations required by the principals. Ensuring that every vessel manned by the qualified and well trained both of Officers and Ratings.

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Union relative – long term strategic planning
  • Assessment of seafarer’s competency and English ability
  • Pool arrangements
  • Training educations
  • Safety-instruction courses
  • Pre-employment

Recruitment & Selection Process

Verify the seafarer’s certificates of competency are genuine, valid, and the sea-services records are true and correct.

Assessing all the relevant authenticity, adequacy of the Certificates of competency against the appropriate its accordance to the STCW code.

Ensure that all the crew members are trained, it’s depending to the principal requirements.

  1. Medical examination as per the International regulation; with full physical examination, chest X-ray, vision and auditory, Hepatitis, Drug and alcohol test, HIV test
  2. Arrange the Crew Contract of Employment
  3. Arrange the Flag state book and certifications
  4. Travel arrangement
  5. Visa/s arrangement all country destiny; including United State visa/s for the Indonesian seafarer’s which our company is a members of United State of America for seafarer’s visa/s program; ticketing, local transportation etc.
  6. All documents required processing
  7. Immigration processing etc.

Evaluation based to the crew appraisal from the Master and principals. Arrange for up grading (if needed)

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PT. ADICIPTA BANGUN MANDIRI is well organized and complies with all MLC 2006 regulations. The employees mantain good attitude to the business and the managing staff has good level of awareness in targets and objectives

ABM Crewing Services Client
Capt. D. Paraskevakis
Crew Manager, Franco Compania Naviera S.A

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